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Selected 10 Journal Papers

  1. Cheng, R., Jiang, Y., Nielsen, O.A. 2023. Integrated people-and-goods transportation systems: from a literature review to a general framework for future research. Transport Reviews, 1-24.

  2. Jiang, Y., Rasmussen, T.K., Nielsen, O.A., 2022. Integrated Optimisation of Transit Networks with Schedule- and Frequency-Based Services Subject to the Bounded Stochastic User Equilibrium. Transportation Science, 56 (6), 1452-1468.

  3. Lee, K., Jiang, Y., Ceder, A., Dauwels, J., Su, R., Nielsen, O.A., 2022. Path-oriented synchronized transit scheduling using time-dependent data. Transportation Research Part C, 136, 103505. (Best paper award)

  4. Zhong, S.P., Jiang, Y., Nielsen, O.A., 2022. Lexicographic multi-objective road pricing optimization considering land use and transportation effects. European Journal of Operational Research, 16, 496-509.

  5. Jiang, Y., Ceder, A., 2021. Incorporating Personalization and Bounded Rationality into Stochastic Transit Assignment Model. Transportation Research Part C, 127, 103127. (ISTTT-24 PODIUM)

  6. Tang, Y.L.,Jiang, Y., Hai, Y., Nielsen, O.A., 2020. Modeling and optimizing a fare incentive strategy to manage queuing and crowding in mass transit system. Transportation Research Part B, 138, 247-267.

  7. Jiang, Y., Szeto, W.Y., 2016. Reliability-based Stochastic Transit Assignment: Formulations and Capacity Paradox. Transportation Research Part B, 93, 181-20

  8. Hamdouch, Y., Szeto, W.Y., Jiang, Y., 2014. A New Schedule-based Transit Assignment Model with Travel Strategies and Supply  Uncertainties. Transportation Research Part B, 67, 35-67.

  9. Szeto, W.Y., Jiang, Y., 2014. Transit Route and Frequency Design: Bi-level Modeling and Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Approach. Transportation Research Part B, 67, 235-263.

  10. Szeto, W.Y., Jiang, Y. , 2014. Transit Assignment: Approach-based Formulation, Extragradient Method and Paradox. Transportation Research Part B, 62, 51-76

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