Dr. Yu JIANG (姜宇)

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Dr. Jiang is an Associate Professor (Tenured) in Transport DTU. Prior to this, he worked in the Oxford University and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).


He received his Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong and specializes in applying operations research techniques to analysis, modelling, and optimising transportation systems. He has published more than 25 papers in the leading international journals. He has co-investigated projects funded by RGC (Hong Kong), NSF (China), and EPSRC (UK).

He is world Top 10 Authors in Transit Assignment according to Microsoft Academic


I am looking for opportunities to work with visiting scholars. If your research background fits my research interests, please send your CV to me, and indicate potential areas of collaboration.


Visiting Funding Opportunities

Research Interests

  • Static/dynamic transit/traffic assignment;

  • Multimodal urban mobility 

  • Multiobjective optimization and metaheuristic

  • Airport planning and operations;

  • Infrastructure resilience and vulnerability

  • Bilevel network design